Monday, September 3, 2012

And finally.

#np - Good Time, Owl City.

I am finally graduated (self-claim). Wohoo ! It has been 5 years. Yes, 5 years ! And I still can recall the first time I step myself into UTP and I was of course, amazed by the big Chancellor Hall and the mighty library. And from that moment, the 18-years-old girl told herself;

"I really want to be an engineer".

Being one of the UTP students really taught myself the idea of working hard. Because you see, I will not be able to survive without studying my ass off. Sometimes I wish the mini market sells the strong Gam Gajah so I can use it to glue myself on the chair and study. Crazy.

The environment, the surrounding somehow forced me to EAT, STUDY, DANCE, PLAY with a notepad-microchip being implanted in mind. & The students are creepy ; during my first semester back in Foundation, one of the students in my batch came to me and asked "Have you covered Chapter 1?" It was just 2 days after the semester started, for godsake !
But was in that kind of situation for years and; a nerd, tak-ada-life, F0 (freak-out) are all the names the housemates gave me. Well, that is my life. My precious life in UTP.

So 5 years. Yupe, time flies. Already packed my stuff and I am here in my hometown, waiting. Waiting for the result of my PETRONAS Structured Interview. But why do I have to feel so sad leaving UTP ? I was all excited counting days to finish up my degree last month. Sad. Yes, I am sad. The memories, definitely can't be replaced. *sigh*

Well, never thought I am going to start a career phase soon. Been through interviews for jobs and planning to start working in October, hopefully. With the support from the people I love, it wouldn't be a problem for me to pursue what I had in mind years ago. Failures are always going to be a deal on the table, ways on how to counter them matters. Family and friends play a big role. Advices from them should be kept in a pocket. ZIP.

Notes : Friends who help you in times of need, keep them. Friends who tend to ignore you and approach you during happy hours, kick them ass. We don't need parasite in our life.

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