Sunday, December 28, 2008

On the bed, with a pillow on my face. i try to open my eyes, but the light is too bright. i can't see a thing. Then, i hear his voice , talking to his parents.
Such a happy family they are. How i wish i could be in this family ; hearing the laughter, the jokes.
God dammit,
I will do anything , YES ANYTHING just for the sake of switching my family to this family.
He's such one lucky fella who has such a perfect family,

A perfect life, i would say.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i miss this :(

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Respect you, nomore

Hello people.

So I am now in the semester break holiday. wohoo!

Oh well, that “wohoo” only bertahan for one day.

I admit at first I was all excited to enjoy the holidays but since I am now stuck in this holy place of Kelantan, I suddenly wish that I could go back to UTP. It’s not that I hate this place, but every time I am back in here, I will face a lot of problems that sometimes can lead me to be a psycho woman!

To make it more specific, the major problem that I am facing now is;

I have these 2 Barbie dolls which they think they are pretty, but they’re not. They were born to make other people such as their step-relatives to suffer. They love to spread bad rumors about other people too! They like to gossip, create stories and very talented in destroying other’s trust towards you.

To conclude all of those, they are very purrrr-fect.


The Barbie dolls are not in the family because they do not have any relation with me, but they do have relation with my stepsiblings. Weird enough?
I do not want to mention more details about them as I am afraid the private investigator will read this blog and report it to my dad.



Okay, as what I have mentioned before, the BD (Barbie dolls) are very good in creating stories, especially fake stories. So, one day they created this one HOT story about me.

The title: “fieda kutuk you (sister) and your mom gila gila dekat us”.

gila bodoh, i know.

And oops, there are a lot of subtitles to that.
Interesting enough?

So, when the sister heard about this, (not only about that la, the BD tambah gula garam sikit to make one hot story) she called my dad and asked my dad to watch out and take a good care of me because the Barbie dolls told her, ‘Fieda is such a slut’.
(Lebih kurang macam tu la tapi dgn panjang lebar)

look yourselves at the mirror first before saying someone else a slut. Pleaseee please pretty please?
Oh ouh! Or you don’t have enough money to buy one? Kasihannya :(

Luckily daddy did not believe all the bullshits and that made the sister became very mad. Mad at him, and of course, HELL MAD at me.
At first, I was sad because she is angry at me on something that I did not do. But when I know about the things that she said to my dad about me, I changed my mind from being sad to –I-HATE-U-TOO-

The words she said to me are totally unforgivable. If she thinks she’s my sister, she should have believed me even though we are not from the same mother. But the fact that she’s still a sister to me, she should not believe to what the Barbie Dolls told her. KAN?

Imagine this, if you know your sister so well, you won’t buy words from someone else. You will trust her unless you have prove ke, evidence ke that she is such a slut and love to condemn you.

And tak ke pelik, in my case la kan, She knows how much I hate the Barbie dolls , and tak ke bodoh aku nak pergi kutuk dia, cerita about her and the step mom dekat the Barbie dolls . tak ada masa. I have lots of better things to do. *wink*


She has brain, she got the look, but

Sorry, I respected her NOMORE.

And now, this thing is such a big issue in the family.



But whatever it is,

What the fuck is wrong with the Barbie Dolls?
Don’t they have something else to do besides creating fake stories about other people?

kasihan, i should hire a teacher ke ustazah ke to teach them how to respect others and how to be a nice girl. kan?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Curse me, please?

life is unfair. yes it is.

even though u have worked your ass off completing certain job, at the end you ended up getting a result that u did not expected.


of course.

i wonder how the "people" who did not work that hard (ye la, compared to others yang worked their ass off) get a better result or achieve something that is beyond their expectations.

do they have the lucky-charm-curse?


tolonglah bagi !

anyways, that is not my point here.
the point is, again;


so the quote of the month is :

life is a dick, when it gets hard. fuck it je lah kan ! !

oh oh oh! btw,
i would like to say thank you to my dearest baby darling lynn for being my dge project partner.

( eventhough u kecik, but u still rocked my sock! )

although we did not have enough time for our beauty sleep these past few days, but i know we had so much fun playing with the wires and the ICs (lah sangat~ )
but the one thing i know, u enjoyed so much making fun of me kan?
that "FARIDAH" name u called me is sooooooooo ZAMAN PAK KADOK OKAY.
tapi whatever lah kan, at least we managed to finish it up and the bloody circuit displayed the fucking output until 18 ! kira berjaya lah tu. hehe ;)

and boyfriend i cakap, we have to work harder ! so next time, kita work harder lah ye ;)

i love you kecik kontot !
here is something i have for you.

wires, ICs, LED ..etc are the heart of ee engineers now,
we sat in a lab till we got hungry and we feel like eating a cow,
but it didnt matter as we are HOT and we know people will say "wow",
because the circuit we made is sooooooo COOL KAW KAW!

the heart , the soul (tapi now dah tak kot)

okay, NEXT !

final examinations :(

Monday, October 20, 2008

The way i celebrate the day


ouh well, i know i did not update my blog for a quite long time. it's not i don't have anything interesting to share, i tell you, i HAVE A LOT to share, but the fact that i am hell busy with my works, so tak dapat la nak selesaikan hajat meng-update my blog.

assignments, projects, tests, quizzes, dance practices are killing me. but the genious brain of mine already diset kan to handle all of those with a big SMILEEEE.

i would like to say sorry to all my so called "die-hard-blog-fan" for not updating my blog.

i know you MISS me.



ok ok, cutttttttttttt the crap people!

Actually i want to share about the performances me and my group member had last weekend and yesterday. but yea, i notice that everyone posted something about their raya celebration and it's not fair for me if i didn't share anything about my raya celebration kan?
i have lots lots lots of photos and i'm so proud to say that i managed to collect duit raya lagi banyak compared to last year.

My lil brother did ask me ,
"Kak, why the hell you got lagi banyak duit raya than me?"

and i replied back,
"Because i used the sponsored barang from my friends to make me look lawa and people like to give money to lawa people ;) "

So here, i give you ONE of my TIPSSSSS, (banyak lagi sebenarnya) to get duit raya lebih during raya.


(haha, sounds so pelik. but anyways,)


oh ya, let me explain more about the "sponsored barang" ;

sponsored barang are the things that i borrowed from my friends since my parents said they didn't buy me any baju raya or necklace, or braceletes or whatever stuff that i want for raya la kan. (Sedih kan? )
So, as a back up plan, i borrowed my friend's stuffs
(i wont mention about what barang i borrowed as i have this feeling of "segan" and if i tell pun, i have to kill you later on. sorry ya peminat. )

so, itu lah dia. "BE LAWA" are the words of the day ye.

Okay next, THE BAJU RAYA.

at first, the thought of not having baju raya scared my ass off. ye la kan, amal kept on telling her sister to buy her this baju la that baju la and lynn pulak went to ipoh to buy her baju raya.
Eveyone has their own baju raya! hmmph~

But when i got back to my hometown,


The syg syg syg brother of mine bought baju raya for me.
and of course la, i LOOK PRETTY.

( dah kata nak duit lebih, apa dia words of the day tadi, peminat? )


Lupa pulak, the boyfriend of mine di melbourne didn't come back for raya. Kesian dia.

"sorry bie, next raya we celebrate together okay? ill masak u kuzi ? ;) "

so here are the pictures of my raya celebration. ;)

the sygness (besties, friends and cousins)

and i have difficulties of uploading some of the pictures as the person in the picture scares the consequences if i upload the picture will affect his/her life. (sound like it's a big deal to him/her kan?) ouh well, tak apa lah.

but anyways, who cares. my dad taught me to respect others, so yes, that's what i do now. ;)


Thursday, September 25, 2008

introducing : STAR D

Star d, is a new dance group in UTP. it is a dance group that perform variety type of dances which include modern, hip hop, salsa, bollywood, traditional, bla bla bla you name it.

definition/elaboration :
star d - (study) as a student, we have to study. although we have passion in dancing, yet we still need to focus on our studies because future is important and without it we won't shine. -is

star d - Star dancers . the members have their own experiences in dancing (traditional, modern, cheerleading) so, the combinations of them will lead to an awesome group - **

at first, we did think of how the rakan masjid will react when they find out about this group. but "WHATEVER", we don't give a damn as long as we don't kacau them. hmmph~
The steps, and the dance routines are all choreographed by the team members. and yes, we don't have limits. we dance , move and shake like we own the stage ;)
-that's what i like about this group.

i would like to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to my precious friends for supporting me in joining the group. though i know i'll sacrifice a lot of times from hanging out with you guys, but the fact that the support is "ADA UHM!" i nak terima kasih banyak2. hehe
the 12 of you rock my sock bebeh!


I) ?? dinner -11th october 2008 ( lupa la dinner apa)
II) music fest -18th october 2008


*) iskandar, pae and uya ( 3rd year 1st sem )
*) firin, mar, esa'k ( 2nd year 2nd sem )
*) iskandar, capik, hamka ( 1st year 2nd sem )
*) ME! ( 1st year 1st sem )

theme : high school students.

i'll upload more photos but different themes.
the theme of high school students is actually one of the themes sebab we don't have any clue on what we should wear.

so uhm. ill update more about star d later, alright!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

a good "batik cake" comes from an expert chef

From the title itself i bet you must be wondering who is the expert chef. well ladies and gentleman, u don't have to fight over with your friends, you don't have to watch tv to remind you back who was the chef u used to see on tv, and you cannot tell me

"expert chef ? , le mak aku lah~"


and now, let me introduce you the new talented + expert + gorgeous + well-rounded chef,


i know a few of my friends ( a few je lah ) will completely EXTREMELY jealous (kan ? :P )
and they can't accept the fact that i am talented in baking cake, cooking (itu belum di show off lagi) , frying (definitely goreng telur) and some other things that an expert chef can do.

well ladies, now i prove you wrong. hehe.

so today , me and a so called "jealous-friend-of-mine" decided to make a cake batik. even though it is just one simple cake batik, but i don't mind telling the world that ;

i am proud of myself for finally stepping on to the kitchen's floor for about 1 hour and make the cake batik.
(FYI : it's not easy for the expert chef to "turun padang" , lagi2 masa puasa OKAY ;)

The process of making it wasn't that long, as i have my assistant chef, 'pretty adeera' and that "jealous-friend-of-mine" as my bibik.


bibik malu malu~

the ingredients are simple; milo, coco powder, marry biscuit , butter and sugar.
(but to have a fantastically yummy yummy cake batik, it must have an expert touch. so, the cake was made by me and the assistants, confirm confirm la sedap kan. )

we added up all together and ada la some magic portion which me, myself and i sahaja yang tahu.

so, here are the procedures of making the cake batik

add up butter and milo+coco powder together

the biscuits

paparazzis shoooooooh~!
they're everywhere, it's so hard being an expert chef kan?

so, that's the story of me making a cake batik. yes, it is just one simple cake batik, but for me it is one SUPER DUPER BIG achievement. if mama knows about this i'm so sure she'll be proud of having me as her daughter.

tak po, balik kelate nati kakak wak so!

and oh, to bibik : gambar you lawa sangat ;P


Saturday, September 20, 2008

The next hot trend calculator

Based on my previous post, i did mention about the DGE project that i have to submit next week kan.
The project is definitely killing me and amal as we have to stay up late just for the sake of adjusting the wires. The project isn't that hard if we know all the procedures, from what we should do, which elements should we connect to other elements but the lecturer didn't teach us much as he said that's our project and we have to do it on our own. WTF la kan?

tapi sabar fieda, sabar.
(and again i've learnt to be patient* hehe.)

I've been running in and out from lynn's room (what's wrong with me? why do i have to mention her name everytime i create a new blog? *sigh*) to ask her on what i should do, because i don't have any clue at all. so ada lah copy hers a bit, but after adjusting here and there, my circuit is much more better than her.



Tapi the lawa circuit isn't working :(

oh, lupa pulak. the circuit is a 3 bit adder calculator.
It consists of 3 full adders, 3 decoders and 3 7-segments. and to connect all of the shitties, i have to use lotsa wire!


tak apa, tak apa,
that's why im so proud of telling you what are the elements in the circuit because u will garu-ing your kepala and say;

"OMG!WOW! this chick is so awesome! she knows how to make a calculator! "

oh well, thank you thank you, you far too kind ;) *peace.

okay, back to the topic.
i had so much trouble on making the 3 full adders because
"i think it's correct, the connections, the IC, are all betul . tapi why why whyyyyy the display is not correct? "

amal and i had adjusting the full adders for thousands time but the output still tak pernah nak betul. tapi we're an EE engineers kan and ;



The feeling of throwing and smashing the circuit itu memang biasa. Sometimes i feel sicked looking at the wires, and the ICs.
and the hope of having a DORAEMON is absolutely ON. tapi apa kejadah nya tu.

look at the rhyme again, be patient.

so this is the calculator that 95.08% works.

taken from amal's blog. the handphone bluetooth isn't working. ill add up more pictures later okeh !

The wiring is fantastically lawa. no doubt about it kan? hehe

so, well done fieda and amal, well done!

Friday, September 19, 2008

my hero, my cupcake


hehe, :P

i know i didn't update my blog for quite a while and it's not that i'm lazy or wtv, but because of the busyness of being an EE student and a STAR D dancer, (people! thats my dance group. we'll be performing during the corporate grooming and music fest. do come yeah? hehe, "promoting is so my thing" ;P )
i don't really have time for myself these days. The daily routines are definitely sit on the chair, look at the breadboard, cutting and stripping the wires, connect the ICs, and wait for the result. but the result tak pernah nak betul. This project is really killing me. But tak apa, ive learnt to be patient lately. Lagi2 dalam bulan puasa ;)

oh well, i think i should cut the crap, I'll create a new post later on about the DGE project of mine after i have manage to make the project (3 bit adder calculator) works. and about the STAR D of course.




im proudly to share with all of you about the sweetness, comel comel comel , and COMELness of my baby.

HE MADE ME A CUPCAKE ! yes, A CUPCAKE ! (satu pun is more than enough, at least it shows that he misses me as well kan? ;) i dont mind if u want to say;

"le, cupcake je. itu pun satu. Dah la tak boleh makan, tgk gambar je?"

but heck, for me that is so sweet ! and i know deep inside your heart, you're jealous kan? kan? kan? :P

hehe again*

so, these are the pictures of my baby baby baby babyyyyy,

concentration is just what he needs to make a good cupcake for a good lady like me ;)

awww, last touch up ?

and it has my name on it. WUUUUUHUUUUUU!

the other cupcakes are actually to meriahkan suasana . hehe ;)

so, are u jealous enough?

yup yup, we've been through ups and downs, but we always try to look forward and we know even though we're far apart from each other, the heart, the feeling are still the same.
No one can change that. NO ONE.

so yea, the post is meant to show off the cupcake. hehe,

ENJOY BEING JEALOUS, PEOPLE! hahahahahahahahahah.

Friday, September 12, 2008


We cant predict whats going to happen next. Sometimes you wake up in the morning and suddenly you realized that you have something heavy on your shoulder that you have to take care of. But heck you know nothing about it. When this happen, you'll get stuck! you try to figure out how to fix everything but you don't have any clue on what you should do.

Talking about love life, honesty is the most important thing you should have between you and your partner. If one tells lies, it will end up REAL BAD. and it's weird if one tells truth, things will end up REAL BAD as well.

so, what we should do? act normal? do nothing?

i dont get it why people will make such a bad assumption if one is trying to tell the truth to him/her partner. The partner himself/herself sometimes should understand the situation as well. Honest , i always hold that in mind everytime i involved in a relationship. But it will be so complicated if the partner do not want to listen and ignore you sampai la dia reda.


should we lie or should we just tell our partner the truth if we did any mistakes?


that's what i want to know.

when you are in love with someone, you will do anything, YES, anything. but for those who are not serious in relationship, they thought all of that are bullshit. maybe la dalam hati diorg cakap

-"aku memang serious dgn dia ni",

-"aku dengan dia ni sampai kahwin, confirm"

but the truth, those are nothing but OMONG KOSONG.

sometimes, we expected too much from our partner. we compared the partner with our friend's partner who are obviously different from ours. the surrounding, the people around us, they have their own love stories which are totally different from us. all these will most likely give us some sort of stress. We hope for our partner to change, to understand us better, but the possibilty for the partner to change is 30% unless he/she really wants to fix things out, nak betulkan situation and to be fair for each other.

i made mistakes, people made mistakes. and in my opinion, everyone deserves a second chance. kadang2, we dont realize what we do is actually a mistake until la at one point, baru la we realize that thing we did will lead to a negative result.

Having a real conversation between partners are important as we can share anything , from what we hate, what we like and what we want to change for a better future. if one side is busy with works, and the other side keeps on thinking about this as a serious matter, RELATIONSHIP wont last long.

I've learnt from my experience that we have to slow down, make sure we're in a steady state , tak perlu gopog gapah in handling love matter. if we're NOT, both side will get hurt, REAL HURT.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

7th september

Even though aidil already posted in her blog about the so called "penculikan busayyaf" , i still insist of doing the same thing. It's my day and yes i can do ANYTHING. plus, the main character is ME, ME , ME AND ME!

It is 12am and i keep on looking at my handphone , waiting for him to call and be the first one to wish me on my birthday. But all the waiting semua nya hancur as all the messages i get are not from him. i sign in my msn and yes, i can see he's online. i nudge him, message him but i do not get any response at all. the clock now is 12.45am and he's still doesn't wish me.

if you were me, what do u feel? you know, waiting for someone you love to be the first one to wish you on your birthday but now he ends up to be the last one.
only god knows.

I feel sad and mad at the same time, i grab my handphone and dial up his number. i know this is such a stupid move, but who cares. i just want to scream out loud and say how much i hate him.
He picks up the call, singing me the birthday song, but the only thing i can say is "WHAT THE FUCK?" the anger and the sadness are controlling the whole mind and body. i cant think wisely though i know this will ends up badly between us.
so, i end the call and immediately go to lynn's room. i cry and cry and cry. i hear my handphone rings and i know it is him. aidil asks me to answer. so i go out and talk and talk and talk.

he says he has his own reason bla bla bla. and heck i hate him because he knows how to make me smile and laugh again. he makes his stupid jokes that i cant handle myself to stop laughing. (i hate you for that) and i thank god, for saving my day.

I lay down on my bed and i still receive a lot of messages fom my friends (thank you sgt sgt) and sampai at one point, mabeb asks me to go down and meet him because he has something for me. I open my eyes and i can see amal is changing her clothes and

me: amal nak g mano?
amal: uhmm. nk g sahur.
me: okay, fieda nk turun bawoh jupo mabeb smeta.
amal : (dusssssssh, lesaaaaaaap)

so, i go down and meet mabeb. He smiles and gives me one purple paper bag(which he made himself) . surprise surprise surprise, there is one lovely top from zara inside it. i am so frigging happy with the present. how i wish i can hug him tight! (i love you my-so-called-gf).

tiba-tiba, amal appears behind me. she looks so panic and i automatically panic as well la kan. suddenly


i am stuck in one "smelly-square-shaped-blanket". i try to free myself but the "evil creatures" which are definitely EVIL do not want to let me go. I can feel they are trying to lift me up , but maybe i am too heavy for them,
and that they ask me to stand up and walk myself.
at the same time, i can hear mabeb's laughing like an insane people in tanjung rambutan. (kejam kejam)

They force me to follow them. I cannot see a thing and i can feel my feet lecak sana lecak sini and sampai at one point, they ask me to get in the car (tak ke bodoh, mana la nampak kereta dkt mana)

dalam hati:

"what the hell is going on?!"
"where the hell are these crazy-ass creatures gonna throw me?"
"damn you damn you damn you, DAMMN YOUUU, you hear me!"

i sit "brutal-ly" in the car. the crazy-creatures cannot stand with the "super-brutal-tak-duduk-diam" of mine and so they yell at me to be quite. i am panic, i want to cry and how i wish i can be in my room now.

about 35 minutes later, the car stops. i can hear the creatures move out from the car. and one of the creatures which is definitely small and pendek try to grab me. I think of running away but i absolutely pity the small creature and so i willingly follow him/her/it out.

i walk and walk with the "smelly-square-shaped-blanket" covering me. i can hear people laughing and i can hear sumbang voices of cikdia, sha and sara.

i want to know what the fuck is going on,
i want to know where the hell i am,
and i want to get rid of the smelly blanket!!!

i walk



and walk

the creatures beside me slowly open the blanket that is covering me and....




Happy 19th birthday FIEDA! *kecak kecak* (camera sound)

I open my eyes and i can see everyone's laughing at me.
Le, di mcd rupanya.
all the people in the mcd pun gelak sekali. har har har, funny~

i am definitely happy with the so-called-surprise but but the sad thing is


RAMBUT SERABAI, MUKA PUCAT LESI AND i thank thank thank god for meeting mabeb before the "penculikansayyaf" or else ill be kidnapped dengan seluar-buruk-pendek and heck i will run back in a car by the time they open out the blanket.

but what ever it is, I LOVE YOU , KAU, HANG, KORANG!

oh next birthday girl , WAIT FOR MY REVENGE!


i love you, friends

Friends are my ice cream, i have them whenever i'm happy, sad or lonely. they can cool me down when i'm hot and they can cheer me up when i'm down. Having them is the best thing, EVER.
so here is something i have for all the sayangness. ;)

The first one is my best friend, Nur Aimy bt Ruzlan. She's my bestest-trest-test-test-friend ever! She is a girl who has a prettiest smile, pretty face, smart, nice and shiny hair and of course ADORABLE. she's a girl that i can count on and she has my back in times of need. She understands everything , from what i feel, what i want and uhm, EVERYTHING ! !
When we were still in CBN, she was the one who accompanied me to go to the mcd m.jamek (to meet up johannians and victorian. hehe :P) and oh oh my dancing partner in class ! (besides shakey and ixaty) .
WE loved to dance and did some cheer steps whenever the teacher wasn't in a class, kan syg? *how i miss that moment* and whenever the teacher asked us to pass up the homework, mula lah kelam kabut and copy sana copy sini . (dah memang lumrah cbners, nak buat macam mana kan?. hehe)
And oh oh! other students memang dengki and that's why they called us GEDIK. (but but but weeeeeeeeeee'rrrrrreeeeeee not) hehe.

uhm, those are just memories. although she's now in germany, but it doesn't matter pun as we still and still contact each other.
and after one hour of skodeng-ing back my so-lama-friendster-account, i found back pictures of us masa zaman jaafar-tonggek.

from left : farah, ezlina, aimy and i.
place : toilet klcc
year : 2002

seriously, i was laughing to death when i saw this picture at my friendster account. aimy and i looked so childish and and and sooo innocent.

from left
: me, aimy and liy

place : marriot hotel
year : 2006

during cbn-sji prom night. liy was a hella goergy prom queen and yes yes yes, we were the perfect-trio of the night! menari sana sini tak ingat dunia. tapi aimy sibuk dgn org tuuuuuu**(hehe)

NEXT, is The mighty supergirlfriends! (amal, lynn, cixdia, sumai, aidil, ana, ummu, asmah, lida) RAMAI? yes, SANGAT RAMAI. They are my nasi and lauk. without them, "siapa lah fieda ni" (u guys better give me something for this! ! ehem*) They are one bunch of girls who love to do homework, nerd (yes, rajin) , gila dinner-dash, gila GOSSIP GIRLS (yay yay) , gila shopping, bla bla bla yada yada yada. Although byk yang "gila"
but i likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. *wink sikit*

Although it is my 1st sem degree and i have lots of work to do tapi the mighty supergirlfriends never let me down. we went for a picnic at teluk batik, we went shopping at ipoh and we even joined the larian merdeka!

the pictures at teluk batik byk sangat censored, so tak dapat la nak upload ;)

but what ever it is, i love these people to bits!

and lastly: my so-called-girlfriends jugak but they are not girls, enzo and mabeb. i syg syg syg syg syg them to death! they can make me smile , laugh, and whenever im not in a mood, i'll definitely find them for "sesi-luahkan-perasaan".


Thursday, September 4, 2008

C.bass saves my life

Yesterday was such an awful day for me, lynn and sumai as all of us had this incredibly , extremely, fantastically sakit perut. Seriously i feel like grabbing out my tummy, clean it up, and put it back inside. (seriously I really really wanted to try, but suddenly i realized that i'm not David Copperfield and hell no i can't do such thing.hahaha. )

So, we skipped the academic writing's class yesterday but sadly we still need to study structured programming *sigh* because we had test later on that night. But he tummy of mine kept on making the "krooouhh krrooouh" sound and i can't even concentrate! I wanted to eat ubat but lupa pulak saya puasa. and so, i didn't have any choice and i immediately looked at the bed, yawned loudly, walked to the bed and "krroooh krroooh" (and that sound was not from the tummy. hehe)

It was about 4 or 5 pm when i realized it was raining heavily. So we decided not to go to bazar ramadhan and off to v4 to buy nasi and also some kuih-muih. At first we were all like "Masyaaallah, ramai nya orang." but since the "krroooh krroooh" sound suddenly datang balik, i didn't think much but wiling-ly beratur.
I bought my favorite wedges and ikan keli (yum yum!) and also kuih bakar. (at least ada lauk!)

Lepas berbuka, all of us bersiap siap to the main hall to sit for the sp's test. As usual, we girls, are always late. Make up sana, make up sini, tukar baju , tukar seluar, cari matching shoes , tapi Aidil dengan selambernya keluar from her room with trackbottom (kononnya sempoi, tapi seriously she looked like cikgu PJK. hahaahaha)

By the time we reached at the main hall, all the students already had their own place to sit. seperti biasa, orang lambat selalu kena duduk depan.
but IT WASN'T A PRBLEM FOR US. We proudly and slumber-ly walk to the front. hehe.
(tapi dalam hati : shitttttttttttt, tak dapat tiru lah macam ni)

During the test, i was a bit fucked up as the "kroooouhh krroouhh" sound datang lagi! thought of going to the toilet tapi takut tak sempat finish kan the question. and so, i evolved to be a superwoman, batwoman, jokerwoman, wonderwoman, (you name it) as i had to TAHAAAAAAAAAAN until the end of the test. (seksa , seksa)

Later on after the test, we went back to our house and yes yes yes yes! GOSSIP GIRL time bebeh! we've been waiting for the new season for ages and last night was a blast! all of us sit in front of sab's desktop, watched gossip girl and of course, "BUAT PERUT" as well.
(note: we're still not in a fat chicks category okay. hehe)

Everytime ada chuck bass, ALL OF US screamed like an insane girls. Chuck Bass is soooo adorable and handsome handsome handsome hot! i adore him like i adore justin timberlake. (but justin baby, you're still my number #1 ) haha. i feel like pinching his cheek, hug him tight and i won't share him with sumai, amal, or siapa siapa.

After finished watching gossip girl, i realized that my tummy didn't make a "kroooh krrooohh" sound anymore.

awwww, sweety weety chuck bass had saved my day ;)

soft reminder :
watch gossip girl (indirectly nya :watch chuck bass ) (though i don't want to share him with other people, tapi helping people ni is just my kind of thing. hehe)
if you're sick ke, sakit perut ke, pening ke, BECAUSE HE WILL DEFINITELY SAVES YOUR DAY ;)

till then,