Friday, August 19, 2011

It's alright.

Hey people,

Yeah you can call me insane for not updating my blog for almost a year ? And what makes me wanna continue again ? I am currently enjoying my 1 month + holidays after internship. The 8 months internship passed by quickly without me realizing it. It had been a joyful experience and yes I've learned a lot !

So today I've decided to continue posting something in my blog since I am free most of the time. Okay, CORRECTION : ALL the timeeee.

Anyway, I did read back my previous post and most of them are SOOO PATHETIC ! What was I thinking back then ? Sedih all the time ?? Haih. Gapo dio tahu aku duk bobe kokse dulu. Sedih sokmo. Tok molek ore Kelate kato.

Truly said, sedih sorang2 tak ke mana. I am SUPER happy now. I was being too emotional and sensitive. NOT GOOD NOT GOOD. The no-biggie-thing pun I took it seriously. Come on la, to think back again I was so IDIOT.

I am enjoying every ticks I have in life now. I read books, gossips with mama, layan budu, dance alone in front of the mirror (bajet Britney Spears), babysit my niece, gayut with my boyfriend etc etc and yes I enjoy myself doing all of those simple things.

U might say "Haaa aa laa, benda macam tu pun boleh buat lu happy ka ?"

Well to be honest, I'd rather do those stuff than imagining and blaming myself for not being at a cool place and cuci-mata-ing around and act as if my dad drives a Lambo.

Yes, I don't deny I always fall to downhill and cry whenever I face problems. I cried over some haters telling shits about me to others. I cried because of people making bad assumption towards me. I cried over some stupid-no-biggie matters. But that was before. On second thought, I was completely bodoh back then.
The love ones always thought me to be tough and handle things wisely.
Think-before-you-act and learn to let go.

Say "It's alright" if you happen to face difficulties and try to solve them wisely. Use your brain. We are all smart-people kan, so yea "Guna lah otak sebaik mungkin".

Cheers :)