Thursday, February 25, 2010


Fesco is next week. We've been practicing days and nights; non stop. If you want to mention about being tired; please think twice. We don't even have time to spend with our friends or go to maple to watch football matches. If we do all of those, we're surely going to be 'flat' the next day.

The Fesco song is overplayed in my head. i keep on hearing the song everytime i want to eat, study or sleep. Crazy. But what to do, if you're already stuck with a commitment, you have to give it all out.

We've been practicing for almost a month ++ now. Imagine this, u have to listen to the very same song and keep on practicing the same steps and routines till at one point, u feel like throwing out. MUAK sangat. But as what i've mentioned earlier; COMMITMENT. yes, i find it is very important to give your fully commitment when u know u have a big rock on your shoulder.

Of course we want to win this so much. Plus, it would be so embarrassing if we lose lagi2 dekat tempat sendiri , kan ? I know the tension is ON, lagi2 when we know how good the dancers from thailand and indonesia are. Haih, pressure.

i know this may sound cheesy, but friends, i miss you so much. i promise i wont be busy after Fesco. During mid-sem break nanti, i promise we're going to ENJOY OURSELVES in Thailand ! SHOPPINGGGGGG !


p/s: I MISS MY 6hs :(

Monday, February 22, 2010

Rindu serindu rindu nya

Okay, i admit my previous post was a bit "over-the-top" (because i was so emotional and i cant control myself to use harsh words.) but now, alhamdulillah. I can put away all of those behind :)

yeah, I've been busy.
Yes, HELL busy.

The daily routine :

Wake up EARLY in the morning for classes,
back to my room around 4 or 5pm.
Go to dance practice at 8.30pm till 12.00am.
the same thing cycles over and over again.

Tired ?
YES, i am.

Do i have enough time to sleep and study ?

Miss to hang out with friends ?

hope you guys can make it to FESCO ya

Thursday, February 11, 2010

FESCO 2010

These are the faces i see every night !
We just can't stop dancing (traditionally, this time) and that's what we do all night !

So people, come and watch us perform ;

DATE : 6th March 2010
LOCATION : Chancellor Hall, UTP

There will be other performances from 20 different Universities as well.
And as you can see from the poster, 3 universities from overseas will be joining us.
FESCO this year is totally different from previous years as there will be around 15 types of awards to be given. (the best showmanship, the best dress, the best bla bla bla)

and YOU,
yes YOU !

should come and support us because the audience will get the chance to vote !
And you won't regret because we (the dancers) promise to give our best performance ever !

Do get your ticket now !

please please please please COME. :)
It's 8.01 am and i have class at 8.00 am today.

As in

But since today is Friday, NONE of my friends want to go to class.

So now I am having problem on deciding whether i should go to class or just jump on my bed and SLEEP, which is GOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

P/S: This is sick. Friends influence me A LOT ! Damn you, girls.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Question :

you watched Juliana And Bill reality tv show ? They got married at Capri Island, Italy and i am absolutely in love with that place !


I should save up some money from now !
Hmm, maybe having someone special to accompany me would be good ;)

6hs !


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

AE 2

So today is the first day for Analogue Electronic #2 lab session.

Last night my friends and i were a bit "HUH-HAH-HUH-HAH" as we need to finish up the prelab and heck we don't have any clue on what we should do with PSpice. And the only thing we did was writing all the information needed for the prelab and waiting for Lida to finish up the Pspice. Luckily i don't have dance practice last night. Else, i'm dead.

This post is totally not about the hectic situation finishing up the prelab but it is meant to give an early warning for those who are going to the lab session for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

To make this story simple and short, Dr Mohammad Awan was in a lab just now. He was walking around and i thought he would help me and Cixdia to clear us out on how to plan the circuit for the 4th subtopic for the experiment. Oh well, we were already half way compared to others and we thought he would help us. But, he came to our table, look at our plan and ;

Dr : This plan is wrong
ME : But the technician showed me this is the right one
Dr : This is wrong. If you can't understand a very simple basic, then i think u should think twice to become an engineer, else u should go back home and cook
Cixdia : So sir, can u at least give us a hint to plan the correct circuit ?
Dr : *with an annoying face* I'll give you zero mark if u can't solve this

Then, he walked away and attacked the next victim. HUAHUAHUA. ; Duy and Indra were hell panicked when Dr Mohammad Awan walked at their table. kasihan. But what to do, I was a victim as well :P

And so, I was relieved and tried to discuss with others (who are also clueless), but SHIT, that didn't last long as he came back to our table.

Dr : So, where's your plan ?
Cixdia : Emmmm, we haven't done the plan yet, but we're discussing now.
Dr : I can't wait that long, how come u have to think for one hour to solve one simple thing (padahal tak sampai 5 minit pun ! ERGH )
Me : but sir, we're trying. Maybe we need more time to solve this and plus we're discussing now.
Dr : For how long ? I cant wait for 100 years.

So whatever the seniors told me about him was true ; sinis yang amat ! I have to be extra extra careful next time. kalau tak BERDARAH HATI ;p

I almost cried as he pushed and gave me so much pressure but yea yea yea, finally we managed to finish up everything though it was hell hectic during the end of the session as everyone was running here and there. Tak patut kot buat macam ni. Apa tak nya, lab report berjela jela nak kena submit end of the lab session, dengan circuit bagai, graph bagai, calculation bagai, nak tulis everything lagi. haih. Nasib baik once a week je.

So tomorrow, i have to think 100000000000000000 times about going to Analogue electronic #2 lectures. sumpah mood zero nak pergi.