Sunday, August 31, 2008

Teddy attack

since "ada-la-orang-tu" posted something about "ada-la-orang-tu" punya teddy bears, me , FIEDA, PROUDLY wants to do the same thing.
You can say i don't have modal bla bla, but i'ts okay, I am now in a good mood and all the sadness i had before this already puff!, hilang. Bak kata eeqbal, "Toksah sedih, everything will be okay".
and since i dont have anything to share, cakap about my teddy bear pun, apa salah nya. *wink*

okay the name of my cutie-pie-o is CUFFIE. cuffie stands for emmmm, coffee? (haha!) but after a bit of changing here and there, tukar sana, tukar sini, jadi lah cuffie.

oh well, i don't have any clue why the heck i named him cuffie btw. maybe it sounds so comel momel , and and and and i like to drink coffee! (though x ada kaitan, who cares la kan. hehe). so, cuffie coffee, coffee cuffie! *gedik face* hehe.
(more information : cuffie itu lelaki).
Okay, nak dimulakan cerita, on one sunday evening, faliq, diha, justin , syafeq and i went to pavilion for jalan2 right away after balik from this one majlis pertunangan. (so basically, we went there with baju kurung , baju melayu and all la) then, something "EXTREMELY BAD" happened;

Ada one fabulous girl, named, fieda suddenly merajuk (i have my own reason why i merajuk *wink*) and she said "i want a tedyy bear, THAT teddy bear" *pointing at this cotton machine where you have to fill in the empty teddy-bear's body with the cottons* .

(well, merajuk is my kind of thing, but the result : tak ada siapa nak pujuk, WHY PEOPLE? WHYYYY? :( )
At first, everyone was like,
"jom makan, lapar la", "eh, mana justin? hilang dah?". (konon konon tak dengar apa i cakap or they were borned deaf ).
So, terpaksa la move on to the next stage : Buat buat moody, konon konon nak demam, and jalan perlahan. (it is so hard to attract people's attention kan.)

tapi the result : (syafeq) you nak teddy bear yang mana? HAHAHAHAAHAHAH !

so here are the pictures: (siap ada birth certificate lagi, kalah teddy bear "Ada-lah-orang-tu" woot woot! ) ;)

(since i don't have a picture of his birth certificate, details macam ni pun jadi la)

Name : Cuffie
Birthdate : 19/4/2008

Height : 31 cm
Weight : 116 g
Gender : Male

Fur colour : light brown

Eyes colour : dark brown

Bear family : Rydza

The baju is a bit "yo-yo-yo-yo-whats-up", (oh well, i should blame *him for this) tapi tak apa, CUFFIE HANDSOME.

and oh, cuffie pun ada kawan, but the kawan is not as handsome as him. The name is Yayish. (entah la apa makna nya). it belongs to diha and

So, the right one is my baby baby and the left one is my anak saudara.

dua dua pun jadi macam ni nanti : "yo yo yo ~" (*sigh* :( )


Saturday, August 30, 2008

So not

I wish i can have everything i want. i wish i was borned as a girl who doesn't know how to love. Love is such a problem for me. Love leads me to think negatively, act stupidly, speak and yell like a crazy wacko person, and and yea, i dont want to love anymore. ;(
I'm sicked and tired with all the sweet promises and hopes. all the "yada yada bla bla, i love u till death bla bla" are all bullshitsss.
Mungkin im in pms or wtv, and that's (maybe) one of the reasons why im using the bad words, tapi biar lah. as long as i can release everything ,&&&& i feel good !

okay, tonight everyone's going to celebrate merdeka. and the "bf" of mine pernah told me that he'll be in his apartment and he'll not going to celebrate and "paarrtaaaay-hu-ha-hu-ha" with his friends dekat sana. and i said "fine, tak apa. i'll do the same thing. i won't go out and i'll be in my room, chatting with you". so okay, the deal is on. I canceled all the plans, all the "snapping-pictures-appointments" with my friends, and yes yes yes yes i am absolutely free tonight!
Tapi sedihhhhhhhhhhhhnya bila he called, he said he's with his friends and they are like macam tengah siap siap to a party (a-konon-kononnya-merdeka-party-where-all-the-Malaysian-people-in
-Melbourne-gathered-and-merdeka!-merdeka!-merdeka!) lah sangat~ So, mestila i was pissed off gila gila. Dahla i dah cancel everything and now the so called "chatting-date" pun cancel. ;(

Everything pun went wrong lately. SEMUA LAIN! though lynn,aidil and all the gfs said that i am tough bla bla, handling with this long distance relationship, tapi for me, I DON'T THINK SO.
The promises he made, all the sweety-weety talk, semua semua tu,... *sigh*

Tapi tak apa, maybe ada hikmah. Maybe i need to be more patient, act like there's nothing happen, macam buat bodoh bodoh je. kan? it is better that way, i guess. Lagipun i have test this tuesday. So, terpaksa lah fill in the time yang sepatutnya "chatting-date" tu , to "studying-date".
(Itu pun if ada mood nak study) hehe.

and oh oh, next week is my birthday people! and just now my petbrother, ezzad emir called, and he asked me to go to kl. tapi i haven't decide yet. ye la kan, mana tahu lynn, aidil, cikdia, sumai and amal come out with an idea nak buat suprise? who knows kan? (so, id rather stay here tunggu suprise. if tak ada, buka puasa ramai2 pun NO HAL lah kawan!) hehe. and yea, he said he wants to treat me like a princess bla bla bla with a birthday party lagi! (*picturing me in a dress, ada lots of food, cakes * ) &&& so suddenly all the sadness hilang. ;)
aaaah, i feel alot more better dah.

so yea, happy merdeka day people!

and and and,
to iylia and enzo :


Friday, August 29, 2008

A very stressful moody day.

here i go again, typing crap.*sigh* today's 29th august and everyone is back to their hometown or wherever they wanted to go to celebrate the upcoming independence day. as for me, i am stuck in my room, staring at the laptop's screen since pagi until malam.
by looking at the title itself i bet u know that im not in a good mood. yes, i am moody, stress, sad, mad and i feel like screaming out loud, but i cant. or else people will call me "Crazy wacko fieda, dah la clumsy gila pulak tu". But now , i already find a way to release all of those negative feeling, hehe by typing crap in my blog la kan. but i dont expect people to read it as it is full with sampah. hmmph~*angry face*

so these are the reasons why im not in a good mood ;

1st reason :

semua orang balik! ! semua org pun balik! at first i did think of going back tapi after chatting with a boyfriend of mine, i suddenly changed my mind.well, i thought i can spend more time with him by chatting and webcam-ming trough msn. tapi he didnt go online that often these days. so, harapan for him to online is tipis. jadi mula lah cari some other way and the way nya is balik to kl and celebrate merdeka there. tapi the last minutes changing plan ni x jadi sebab all of my friends already went back pagi tadi and the one who left pun nak balik with a girlfriend. tak kan la nak kacau. so i am now stress out because i dont want to spend my holidays alone in my room and do nothing. okay if nak study tu boleh, tapi still i want to enjoy the holidays! students need holidays okay, even smart people pun enjoy their holidays ( baca buku ke, pergi zoo, maybe) i appreciate all the concern from my friends sebab they keep on asking me " nak balik ke tak? dont tell me u're going to be here alone?. nak tumpang? nak stay at my condo? bla bla bla" seeeeeee, i have lots of nice-kind-hearted friend! tapi i was absolutely stupid and i wasnt thinking well. (and now i feel like pulling my hair sampai botak) . i did msg my boyfriend but the response is not what i expected. :(

2nd reason :

i skipped structured programming lab just now sebab SEMUA BALIK. so, if i go to the lab, definitely la i'll be alone. plus, i hate the lab tutor for my sp lab (friday je, the lab tutor on monday is okay-okay-je ) last last friday, i was completely clueless on what i should do so i went to lee's place. tried to copy his (tapi indirectly nya belajar sambil meniru la) the lab tutor suddenly appeared behind my back out of nowhere and he said " what are you doing here? go back to your place *with konon kononnya macho + angry face* . i freaked out, so i went back to my place and yet still clueless nk type apa in that blank devc++. benci aku dekat mamat tuh!
tapi thats not the main reason. kan i skipped the lab just now, i thought there will be no homework or assignments sebab x ramai yang pergi. but tadi amal suddenly ckp "eh, kito keno ata lab sp activity esok before 8pm" WTF ? wtf ? so yea, stressful day kan?

3rd reason :

semua balik semua balik! semua orang balik! ; (

4th reason :

what do you feel when someone you love is far far far away from you? and what do you feel when he/she didn't show you that he/she cares about you? sedih? that's what i feel. okay, maybe he's busy or he is still trying to settle things down over there, tapi at least show me that he cares,still. ok look, im not complaining sebab i already get use to it and yea, that is his style. tapi bila dah lama2, u'll be wondering whether he still loves you or not. the so called "emotional-feeling" will lead you to think negatively. ladies, i bet you know and understand about what im trying to say here. fellas, if u think im wrong, SCREW you. SUSAH LA NAK FAHAM LELAKI. they say something, but they meant something else.
so the bottom line here is, i miss my boyfriend and he didn't even send me a single message :(
dah la semua balik, im alone, and i thought if dia msg, i wont be sedih sedih lagi. tapi now,...

5th reason :

semua balik semua balik! semua orang balik! ; (

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Me, eyes on me.

so, i decided to create my own blog since everyone is blogging like almost everyday. Bukan nak cakap apa, but sometimes i easily get annoyed by those people who had blog as they keep on asking me to read their blog. oh well people, AMBIL ENGKAU. aku pun dah ada blog sekarang. and im very very very very proud of it *pout sikit* :X

but yea, i have to admit one thing that now i dont have any clue on what i should type/cerita/tell. i'm not a good writer or wtv but i know how to express my feeling by "typing" sejak my bf is far far far away from me and the only way to communicate with him is by chatting. so, nak express feeling to him kena la type kan. tapi x pe, practice practice and practice. (okay now im lost, what the heck am i trying to say again?) *thinking*

yay, finally after 10 minutes thinking on what i should type/cerita/tell, i came out with a topic. the topic is definitely ABOUT ME . so, the name's fieda and it is not a fake famous amous name okay. (well, bukan nak perasan or bla bla yada yada yada, but people know me & they call me "artis". *lol* but heck i dont know what kind of "artis" la kan. they are just being sarcastic. ) hmmph! ok ok chup! note to lynn, aidil, cixdia : terima kasih kerana berjaya came out with that nickname. kerana mu, saya famous) *wink*

so yea, I'm not manja, i'm not ayu, i'm not brutal, i'm not a freak, i'm not as smart as lee, i dont have a car license,(yet), i love britney, i hate hypocrites, i dont know how to cook (but i know how to fry burgers, nuggets, french fries, pelbagai jenis keropok , and i know how to make LAMB CHOP! yes, lamb chop people, lamb chop! trust me, bila dah try, u'll say "wallah! can i have one more please? please please pretty please?") & & & currently, im still waiting (patiently) for my sayang to come back, i love u baby! ;)

next, music. im an universal person. i listen to all kind of musics. but since the boyfriend is a "yo-yo-yo-what's-up-party-people-in-the-house?
", i dont have any other choice except to listen to his hiphop songs over and over again. ( nak ambil hati lah di kata kan ) but now the song and the music dah tiba2 stuck in my head. pity amal, (my deary roommate) she has to listen to that kind of music 24/7. hehe. and oh oh! I'm now in the phase of making my own beat. (nak dengar? coming soon bebeh, ;) kalah dj tiesto :D * pout again*
tapi, apa salah nya if dengar lagu rock rock kapak sikit, rock rock indie, rock rock karat, rock rock cinta, apa apa rock la kan. yang penting layannnnnn. bak kata enzo, "hidup kena rock!".

i shopping. i dresses, i plain colour, i flowery design, and i dont mind spending money as long as i get what i want. and tak suka bila ada lelaki ikut shopping because they will easily give bad comments on the things u choose. hmmph! i definitely enjoy myself bila daddy join sekali. tapi most of the time dia cakap "kakak, that baju is too tight for you, too short, bla bla bla" so, the percentage "enjoy" tadi menurun. So the best way = go out with girlfriends, buy new clothes, try to spot hot guys (yummy... yummy?) , and gossip gossip".

"Party or club?" the question is sama macam "nasi kerabu or burger?" as for me, im more into partying (which is nasi kerabu. haha, x ada kaitan i know) because i can meet my long long long lost friends and the best part is "snap snap pictures and upload them at myspace, facebook. haha kan?*". but certain people think partying is one activity that can spoil u and boleh bawa ke jalan yang salah. tapi it depends on the person. if u want to be a zombie, be it. if u want to have fun with your friends, apa salahnya. but before anything bad happen, the important thing to do = set the mindset or else things will get worse. I'm NOT an expert ke or apa, it is just an opinion from me. ;)

lupa pulak, i have girlfriends (enzo and mabeb are included). i love them like i love justin timberlake. ;) haha