Sunday, December 28, 2008

On the bed, with a pillow on my face. i try to open my eyes, but the light is too bright. i can't see a thing. Then, i hear his voice , talking to his parents.
Such a happy family they are. How i wish i could be in this family ; hearing the laughter, the jokes.
God dammit,
I will do anything , YES ANYTHING just for the sake of switching my family to this family.
He's such one lucky fella who has such a perfect family,

A perfect life, i would say.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i miss this :(

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Respect you, nomore

Hello people.

So I am now in the semester break holiday. wohoo!

Oh well, that “wohoo” only bertahan for one day.

I admit at first I was all excited to enjoy the holidays but since I am now stuck in this holy place of Kelantan, I suddenly wish that I could go back to UTP. It’s not that I hate this place, but every time I am back in here, I will face a lot of problems that sometimes can lead me to be a psycho woman!

To make it more specific, the major problem that I am facing now is;

I have these 2 Barbie dolls which they think they are pretty, but they’re not. They were born to make other people such as their step-relatives to suffer. They love to spread bad rumors about other people too! They like to gossip, create stories and very talented in destroying other’s trust towards you.

To conclude all of those, they are very purrrr-fect.


The Barbie dolls are not in the family because they do not have any relation with me, but they do have relation with my stepsiblings. Weird enough?
I do not want to mention more details about them as I am afraid the private investigator will read this blog and report it to my dad.



Okay, as what I have mentioned before, the BD (Barbie dolls) are very good in creating stories, especially fake stories. So, one day they created this one HOT story about me.

The title: “fieda kutuk you (sister) and your mom gila gila dekat us”.

gila bodoh, i know.

And oops, there are a lot of subtitles to that.
Interesting enough?

So, when the sister heard about this, (not only about that la, the BD tambah gula garam sikit to make one hot story) she called my dad and asked my dad to watch out and take a good care of me because the Barbie dolls told her, ‘Fieda is such a slut’.
(Lebih kurang macam tu la tapi dgn panjang lebar)

look yourselves at the mirror first before saying someone else a slut. Pleaseee please pretty please?
Oh ouh! Or you don’t have enough money to buy one? Kasihannya :(

Luckily daddy did not believe all the bullshits and that made the sister became very mad. Mad at him, and of course, HELL MAD at me.
At first, I was sad because she is angry at me on something that I did not do. But when I know about the things that she said to my dad about me, I changed my mind from being sad to –I-HATE-U-TOO-

The words she said to me are totally unforgivable. If she thinks she’s my sister, she should have believed me even though we are not from the same mother. But the fact that she’s still a sister to me, she should not believe to what the Barbie Dolls told her. KAN?

Imagine this, if you know your sister so well, you won’t buy words from someone else. You will trust her unless you have prove ke, evidence ke that she is such a slut and love to condemn you.

And tak ke pelik, in my case la kan, She knows how much I hate the Barbie dolls , and tak ke bodoh aku nak pergi kutuk dia, cerita about her and the step mom dekat the Barbie dolls . tak ada masa. I have lots of better things to do. *wink*


She has brain, she got the look, but

Sorry, I respected her NOMORE.

And now, this thing is such a big issue in the family.



But whatever it is,

What the fuck is wrong with the Barbie Dolls?
Don’t they have something else to do besides creating fake stories about other people?

kasihan, i should hire a teacher ke ustazah ke to teach them how to respect others and how to be a nice girl. kan?