Thursday, May 21, 2009


At last ;
all the hard work, staying up stupid-shit late, working my ass off are FINALLY OVER.
It's OVER!

But friends,
Though this is the happiest moment for me, as for now la kan, but when i think it back, i know i'm going to miss all the memories i had throughout this january 2009 semester.

The kicking ass assignments, the shake-bom-bom-dance-practices, these two lecturer
(Abg Zainal Ariff and Abg Fawnizu, you two are d ee girls' inspiration. Though dge2 and microe are frigging tough, but everytime i look at you two during the lectures, the semangat datang tiba2. gonna miss your blur-ness and your kehandsome-ness)

and oh, NOT TO FORGET my friends, especially Enzo , Zahid and Dihaq.
These 3 GAYS are going for intern next sem and

yes yes yes yes, IM SO GONNA MISS ALL OF YOU.

kalau boleh, i wanna ask all of you to stay . But ,....

apakan daya




(nangis sat)



Enzo :
You are the coolest friend i ever had. Eventhough u kecik, i always treat u like my big brother. You play soccer like u own the field (macam Drogba hitam), you play guitar like DJ Tiesto spinning the CDJ and you drive your car as in you are the f1 driver. Biarla all of those are POYO, but i like the way you are. You never let me to wear a frown and u always there in times of need. Gelak ketawa, pukul memukul, baca membaca inbox, koyak mengoyak seat kereta dan carik mencarik patung keychain, I rindu tu semua nanti. Kereta siapa lagi i nak koyak koyakkan seat dia ? Nanti masa support Onitsuka, i nak jerit nama siapa ? I nak mengadu dekat siapa kalau i ada masalah ? Nanti rindu tengok you gelek2 menari samba.


DON'T GO, please ?

Zahid :
Though u always act like u are the coolest people on earth, tapi biarlah. haha.
Nati kawe nok make sambal belace dgn sapo dkt tropika ? Kawe akey rindu ko demo la nati. Biar pun demo oyak demo smak, mace nate archibald kalu amek gambar kok tepi, tapi ambo x kisoh. Ambo tahu demo poyo, tu la ambo kawe denge demo. Demo ni best la.


ladies, zahid is single and available. He knows how to sing and according to him la kan, if you look at him, dari tepi ;


Dihaq :
You are my big brother and a soft-hearted person. U care so much about other people and i like hanging out with you. Your "lunak" voice always ber "dum-dam-dum-dam" in my ear. You're sooooooooooooooooo fucking friendly and a lot of people sayang you ! Everytime lepak, tak pernah tak dengar dihaq tak nyanyi kan ?
Nanti next sem, siapa nak menyanyi masa dinner dekat tropika ? ? ;(

Thought of uploading some candid pictures of them, but the laptop of mine ngokngek a bit.
Takpe takpe, I'll upload and continue more later.

So people, the moral value of the day is "BE LIKE ME"

Friday, May 15, 2009

I look outside the window.
I see few people holding their bags, books and pillow
Where the hell these people want to go ?
They look fresh and happy.
Unlike me; ugly, horrible and smelly.

Clueless. yes, I am.
"Where do you want to go, mam ?"

I still have 4 more papers to go, damn.

For those who already finished their papers, drive carefully.
Jangan nak enjoy sangat HMPH !


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

and this one lucky bastard is my
bestfriend ;)

Bouncy bouncy

GOODBYE vector calculus.
so, 4 more to go !

but the saddest thing is that, everyone already left to irc but i am here in my room checking facebook and chatting.
oh yeah!

had a very painful period pain early in the morning and it stopped my "semangat" to study. damn.
it is NOT an excuse i made for not to study today, but shit happens right ?

And just now i was reading reader's digest and one of the articles mentioned about "BOUNCING BACK".
okay, it sounds kinda nerdy here, you know reading reader's digest tapi SEBENARNYA sangat best baca buku itu ye, rakan rakan. Banyak ilmu kita dapat. cewah.
okay, back to "BOUNCING BACK". In the article, the author describes lots of tips in getting back on track. U have to face failure in order to succeed. Tapi when i think it twice, I DON'T WANT TO FACE FAILURE. it scares the hell out of me. For examples, if we get a very low mark in test 1, the probability to get a higher mark in test 2 is very very high. So macam we have to get a low mark dulu la, then baru ada that semangat tinggi to improve ourselves. Macam tu ?

But that's life kan. We can set ahead but to achieve what we've planned earlier terserah pada DIA.

it is already 12.42pm and i haven't touch any of my notes yet. 4 more to go, 4 more to go, fieda!
have to stop myself from online-ing. okay okay, stop!

hadhadiehdaedaufdabcka.2143Y98y98y*()*Y)(.lalala, bla blaaa
blaa blaaa lalala yada yada yada.

see, my hands cant stop touching the keyboards.
okay hands, stop!

lepas ni, nak check emails, check pet society, check facebook, stalk gambar2 orang, and etc etc.

I just cant get away from this online-symptom, GRRRR!

Cakap pasal bounce back la sangat, tak menjadi pun. double GRRR!