Friday, November 30, 2012


Dear P.N.

Today would be my last day here right before I start a new phase in my life. Your presence surely made me and my family happy, especially Evy and daddy. They love you. And I hope you feel the same way too.

Well, arguments happen all the times. But what I've learned throughout 23 years old of living, human will always make mistakes. From a small mistake, it will lead to a big arguments. But the output and the consequences from the arguments are all depends on the person, from both side. Either they want to just let it go and to try to solve it. Or, to glue every details of the arguments in mind.

My way of handling arguments is bad. Yes, I admit that. I tend to raise my voice without realizing it and when I reach to my boiling point, I would explode more. But, it takes me few minutes to cool down and eventually I'll try my best to fix things.
Because  I believe there is still space for me to make thing as it is. Faith.
And when it involves something or someone I love, I would do anything, yes anything to prove them that I deserve a second chance.
But when there's no second chance given, I would walk away, and move on. For the better.

Manusia sangat lemah. Eeasily fall, easily break into pieces.
Do you know why ?
Because human have feelings, emotions.

These two elements control us so much till we somehow tend not to think wisely before making any decision. Me myself has made a lot of mistakes. A lot.

And I will be glad if those people who i unintentionally hurt their feelings would forgive me.
I'm sorry.

-Because you are special, after all-