Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Do you share ? Share in term of everything ? Clothes, shampoos, foods, books ? Yes yes yes, I bet you are. I am absolutely agree with "Sharing is caring", but not everything we can share.

I don't share my friend. I want them to stick with me. If someone else take them away from me, I'll evolve to be a very beautiful pontianak and eat them. This is not a joke, I'm serious. Fucking serious. I don't like to share, do you fucking get it ?!

Oh well, it's okay being emotional about this, right ? I just don't fucking share la. I cant type the same statement thousand times just to let glue your mind that we don't share love, friend etc right ? Haih.

If you think you do share, you're mad. Haha.

Oh maybe I am mad :(