Friday, April 17, 2009


My life had been so hectic these days.

Been busy with dance practices, non-stop stupid shit assignments and test.

So, if you are wondering "where-i-have-been"?, i bet you know the answer.

People updated their blog mostly to share their so called sweet-moments-snapping-pictures-with-sam-bunkface, the happy and exciting moments during the euphonious itself and to criticize the emcee.

To lynn, sumai, aidil and ana : memang la i tak ada gambar dgn diorg, so tak dapat la nak upload :(

Anyways, my group and i made the opening act as the rector arrived at the chancellor hall. But the emcee didn't follow what we've planned during the rehearsal. We are supposed to be on stage right before the rector arrived, but we didnt get any cue and so we just went on stage after he announced the arrival of the rector. Apa laaaa !
Kelam kabut at the beginning but i am 100% sure that we rocked the stage with the so called robotic dance and of course our jazz dance was superbly fantastically WOW the audience. ceeeh~

Right away after the performance, i seriously can't believe what i saw. Ermie, mabeb and madi just arrived at the entrance. "Memang menyirap tahap dewa monyet". They've promised to come early to watch the performance, tapi itu la janji budak budak jambu UTP.

So ladies, don't put too much hopes on budak budak jambu okay ? ;)

( itu je main point sebenarnya )
Okay, itu cerita last week.

And last thursday, i had 2 frigging test and yes, i don't have much time to bermaple maple or ber-ym. Ada basic dance practical test lagi, assignments lagi.
Ya allah, lama lagi nak habis belajar :(

bak kata orang tu, kahwin la the only solution. OH YEAAAHHHH