Monday, November 15, 2010

He's nothing but a dream.
He reminds me of someone I'd never had.



I am now reaching to a level where everything is not right, everything seems to be so confusing, everything turns into something that I'd never imagined it would be. Kenapa ?

Things are so rumit even yang biasa.

I am depressed, I am sad, I am frustrated.

I used to be so tough handling things alone. I used to be so good alone. I can suck up everything that involves pedih, perit, pilu.

But why Fieda why ?

I am no longer strong to suck it up everything and act like everything is okay. Shaf once told me "you can lie to me, but you never can lie to yourself".

As much as I want to run away from thinking too much on what I am facing now, whenever I turn my head back, they're still following me.
Yes, I need to stop keep things to myself. But how ?

The wonderful times, moments I had, ended so fast. Because everything is actually just a dream, a mistake, I would say.

Yes, thing are so rumit indeed.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Whenever I am down, they always there to make me laugh.
Whenever I am hungry, they will accompany me to go out and eat and
whenever I am facing a hard time, yupe, there they are, SUPPORTING ME, GIVING ME COURAGE not to give up.

I love you. Yes, all of you. (cause u're amazingggg just the wayyy u aree. yeaaa)

They seriously complete me. Hopefully internship wont tear us apart. We're going to have fun next year right, people ? Kumpul duit banyak2 and pergi Korea ! Kan ? Kan ? or nak pergi Surabaya je korang ? HAR HAR HAR.

Whatever happens in the future, just keep in mind I sayang korang. Mana lagi nak dapat kawan yang "kecoh" kan ? Mintak2 nanti intern dah x ada dah habit nak jalan satu line 10 orang. Imagine if we go out to malls. Ya allah, kasihan gila orang nak lalu lalang kan ?

Okay people, I'm not trying to be jiwang all of sudden, it just that being alone in my room made me emotional sekejap. Tak tahu la kenapa emo je sekarang. Haih. Study melayang, tak study pun ! Exams coming up and heck, malas nak mati. :(

OH ! And not to forget these fellas. They are my drugs ! I love them to death ! There is no word can describe how enjoy I am whenever they are around. No more tears, no more stress. I wanna keep all of you in my pocket boleh ? I dont want anyone else take you away from me. Sayang sangat totak ! ;) (Hi Shaf ! Hi Juf ! Hi Mo! *lambai2* )

Because u see people, I am as strong as the table i dance on, the music i play, and the friends i roll with. Got me, mates ? ;)