Friday, March 13, 2009

Jaga Hati

QUESTION : Can you satisfy every single person around you? satisfy them in term of "jaga hati" or make them feel comfortable whenever they're around you ?

Every person has different attitude and personality. and it is hard for me to predict what's on their mind and so how can i satisfy them ?
if i don't, I'll get into a serious trouble as they will absolutely ignore me later on. kan ?

yes, my life is complicated. Even this small issue matters me. One said to me,
"Fieda, be tough. You're a tough girl, remember ? You've been through a lot; family, relationship,etc. "

If i think it twice, i keep on questioning myself, " am i that tough ? "
If I am "tough" as what the person told me, why the hell i can't handle this stupid matter easily ?

sedih la.

in this case;
Why la "this-certain-people" cant just accept me the way i am. i love to laugh out loud, i am a crazy-wacko-ass whenever i lepak, and i absolutely love being me. Jatuh kerusi bila gelak, terhantuk sana sini, SPELL MY NAME, that's me. yes.
How on earth i want to "convert" myself to be some other person as i enjoy this clumsy-ness of mine. (tapi tak ada la selalu)

I wish i could say this to that "particular-person" la kan, but the fact that i want to "jaga hati", and so all i can do is to keep silent.

Tapi tak kisah la,

I HAVE MY SUPERGIRLFRIENDS, and they love me the way i am.
Thank you, sayang.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

okay, word of the day is "bakpo".

Bakpo kito keno study ? Tokleh ko kito belajar sapa spm pahtu nikoh ? Bakpo kito dok nikoh denge ore kayo hok semak, ado keto sport, rumoh banglo 3 tikat.
Pahtu boleh shopping gapo gapo jah hok kito nok. Nok gi mano mano pun boleh sebab dio kayo , so kito boleh beli private jet then suko hati nok gi mano. Pahtu ado chef, gardener, ado maid . sedak deh kalu gitu ?


merapu, yes i know. Im bored ;(