Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another lame story.

Tomorrow is the first public holiday for UTPian, yes ! Thaipusam is back !

and this post is surely not about me, celebrating Thaipusam.
Anyways, my timetable for this semester is so frigging pack, i have class from morning till evening and i have dance practice later at night. Super tiring, yes !

But at the same time i feel like i'm lucky enough that i can make full use of my time instead of doing nothing ; you know, gossiping and stalking others at facebook. I find it is very lame for those people who use facebook as their material to provoke and try to get extra extra attention. macam kasihan gila. NO LIFE. what a LOSER. kan ? (sorry if I'm being offensive, but face the fact people )

Talking about the first week of lectures ? Hmmm, nothing much had happened, being super duper happy with my friends though we haven't printed out the lecture notes (YET)and the only thing that made us to use our brain was when this question popped out ;

"eh, nak makan dekat mana ni? cafe pak ali dah pindah. (berfikir selama 10 minutes) alaaaaaaah."

Susah gila nak make a decision on where we should have our lunch. haih. BIG ISSUE.

next, the weather. I know Ive been complaining alot about the extreme weather at tronoh, but what to dooooooo, itu la kerja saya everyday. I know ill never stop swearing about the weather, ya rabbi, panas yang ampun. and so, i have noted to myself, USE SUNBLOCK, BRING UMBRELLA and NO MORE LONG HAIR. Going to cut my hair, soon. short and black. yes, soon ;)

OH, since tomorrow is a holiday, i bet there are numbers of students are going back, and i am stuck here, (as usual). But I can't complain though as i already made up my mind to join fesco and so i need to have a full commitment by attending the non stop dance practices while others are happily balik. Haih.

So people, Happy Thaipusam ya !

Monday, January 25, 2010

the two sunshine of my life :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Whatever you give a woman,
she will make it greater,
give her sperm she will make a baby,
give her a house she will give you a home,
give her groceries she will give you a meal,
give her a smile she will give you her heart.

She multiplies and enlarges what she is given.
So if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of SHIT !

Monday, January 11, 2010

I want to go to Melbourne.

I woke up this morning with a hope ; everything which had happened for the last two days already PUFF! Disappeared. But when i signed in my facebook, i saw status, comments and friends, commenting each other talking about the "red code". They shouldn't do that at the very first place, because they just make thing getting worse. SUPER WORSE.

It is sad enough for me to deal with this problem, especially when i am far away from my close friends. im not sure whether i still have the guts to stand still and act like nothing happen. People cant stop talking nonsense. And the sad thing is that, i don't have the power to change others' mindset and so people can easily buy others' words. Because they are what they are kan ?

But yes, i THINK i am not scared anymore.

A friend of mine told me, if i response to those rubbish, it will make me look more stupid than Jessica Simpsons. And of course i don't want to look stupid. Because I AM NOT.

So for now i don't want to think about the red code anymore. People who are not related to the red code problems suddenly got involved as well. I know they wanted to help, because THEY CARE, but you see, thing is getting worse. :(

and I'm tired.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I miss Hussein.
I miss the ol' times.
I miss waking up in the morning, and your message appeared in my hp's screen.
I miss to hear you say "hadeyyyyyyyhh"
I miss laughing my ass off every night before i go to sleep.
I miss sharing my problems with you.
I miss eating tepayaki with you.
I miss ALL the teasing moment i had with you.

I just


Thursday, January 7, 2010



Happy 2010 people!

I have tons of plans for my upcoming semester and yeah, i cant wait to go back to UTP.
I miss all my friends
I miss dancing with my starD members!
and I miss my room. :(
I can't wait any longer to burn out all the frigging calories and fats ! Being stuck at home doing nothing, other than eating and watching DVDs, obviously making me GEDEBOINK!
Do you know how it feels like when u are eating big mac and watching the biggest loser at the same time ? Hahaha. You tell me.

Btw, talking about New Year Eve celebration, i had a blast of time with my friends. We had a very nice dinner at Delicious ( the one which is next to KLCC ) then, we went to Beach to have shisha right before the countdown.

Though it was sad enough for me to see my friends and their own partners hugging each other, tak apa lah, i didn't give a damn pun but to keep enjoying myself to watch the fireworks.

Going back to UTP next week ! Ada dance practice :)