Monday, February 16, 2009

feel like punching one's face
life's getting more complicated than ever !
WHY WHY WHY it has to go this wayyyy ?! ergh !
nak punch punch, kick kick, tomoi and karate sikit
boleh tak kalau nak macam tu?
boleh lah deh?
nok jugoook!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Happy valentines Day, people !

Though last night I've been fooled by Ermie who said his birthday is today then it turns out that it was basically one of his lame-prank-joke, it does not stop me from wishing all of you a very happy valentines day.

If some say, "we can't celebrate valentines, fieda."
well, I'll reply,
"Screw that! it is not that i am celebrating it. Valentines is just a day that we can express how deep is your love towards your friends or parents. It does not mean we have to hang out or spend our time with our love one.
Valentines is about love, love to our parents, friends and even to our pets! "
(ehe, don't forget to visit my pet at pet society ya, and for those who still do not have facebook, sign up ! and please please please make your own pet in pet society. hehe, been addicted to that application since ever! )

So friends,

i love all of you,
i love you no matter what you all did to me,
all the bahan-membahan-drop-mendrop are like my panties i wear everyday
because i never get tired with all of those,
oh friends, u are my lemak, jantung, hati ku.
aduh! sangat bahagia ada kamu semua.

Enough is enough

i had it enough.
you better stop.

stop from whatever you're doing towards me now.
it hurts.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

kau hancurkan hati ku,
hancurkan lagi,
kau hancurkan hati ku,
untuk melihat mu,
kau terangi jiwa ku,
kau redupkan lagi.
dan kau hancurkan hati ku,
untuk melihat mu