Wednesday, June 9, 2010

my family. ;)

i love you.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

haters all around,
they can always be found,
hating on me or hating on u,
they have nothing else better to do.

always talking shit,
but i just say fuck it,

i must be doing something right,
i always got a hater by my side,
so keep hating and i will do up right.


Again & again

i just moved to my new house. yes, again. thanks to daddy because he knows i don't like it much to stay at our previous one. im happy to be back home, seeing mama daddy, the brothers, my niece, and of course the cats ! and the funny part is ;

mama : ado laki handsome dekat sebelah rumah. mesti kakak suko.


BUT, (haha, there's always a "but")everytime i come back here, i dont have a clue on what i should do. DANG !
everyone seems so happy enjoying thier holidays, pergi sana sini. haih.

yes, i only have FEW friends here. u can call me antisocial, but that's the fact people. i dont go out that often when im home. it's not that i dont like to be friends with the people here, but it takes time to get along with them. and by the time i "click", they moved out from here. and nak pergi mana je dekat sini ? besides kb mall, where else should i go ? :'(

and since im expressing my feelings here, i tak tahu la kenapa Alexander Graham Bill invented telephone tapi people these days tak reti nak guna ? they even bought iphone, blackberry and all those expensive phones but sia2 je, tak reti nak answer calls. kasihan sangat mereka2 ini. tak baca manual book la tu.

aih, stress !

so malam ni saya mahu shisha, tak kira, NAK JUGAK !

Friday, June 4, 2010


i'm happy with my life now. having him by my side, really complete everything. i know ive been involved with relationships for few times, but this time, now, he's THE ONE. though i know some people say "your relationship won't last long, bla bla bla" , but this time around, i wanna prove them wrong. i love him so much. he's different from others. yes, he's the one.

i feel so secure every time he put his hands around me, every time he gives me kisses. nothing in the world can tore us apart. the feeling is different this time. totally different. i know i can count on him, yes.

ive been through hell just to be with him. yes, HELL. all those "red code" moments seriously had punched a hole in my memory.
but one thing that really made me so strong to go through HELL, was when he said, "don't give up now, i love u and please bear that in mind".

though we're 2.5 hours apart, but that, never made me tired to meet him. yes, ill do anything just for the sake of being with him. punch me on the face if u think i'm crazy, but that won't change a thing.

so sayang, if you are not the one, then why does my heart tells me that you are?

i love you.

marry me ?