Monday, October 20, 2008

The way i celebrate the day


ouh well, i know i did not update my blog for a quite long time. it's not i don't have anything interesting to share, i tell you, i HAVE A LOT to share, but the fact that i am hell busy with my works, so tak dapat la nak selesaikan hajat meng-update my blog.

assignments, projects, tests, quizzes, dance practices are killing me. but the genious brain of mine already diset kan to handle all of those with a big SMILEEEE.

i would like to say sorry to all my so called "die-hard-blog-fan" for not updating my blog.

i know you MISS me.



ok ok, cutttttttttttt the crap people!

Actually i want to share about the performances me and my group member had last weekend and yesterday. but yea, i notice that everyone posted something about their raya celebration and it's not fair for me if i didn't share anything about my raya celebration kan?
i have lots lots lots of photos and i'm so proud to say that i managed to collect duit raya lagi banyak compared to last year.

My lil brother did ask me ,
"Kak, why the hell you got lagi banyak duit raya than me?"

and i replied back,
"Because i used the sponsored barang from my friends to make me look lawa and people like to give money to lawa people ;) "

So here, i give you ONE of my TIPSSSSS, (banyak lagi sebenarnya) to get duit raya lebih during raya.


(haha, sounds so pelik. but anyways,)


oh ya, let me explain more about the "sponsored barang" ;

sponsored barang are the things that i borrowed from my friends since my parents said they didn't buy me any baju raya or necklace, or braceletes or whatever stuff that i want for raya la kan. (Sedih kan? )
So, as a back up plan, i borrowed my friend's stuffs
(i wont mention about what barang i borrowed as i have this feeling of "segan" and if i tell pun, i have to kill you later on. sorry ya peminat. )

so, itu lah dia. "BE LAWA" are the words of the day ye.

Okay next, THE BAJU RAYA.

at first, the thought of not having baju raya scared my ass off. ye la kan, amal kept on telling her sister to buy her this baju la that baju la and lynn pulak went to ipoh to buy her baju raya.
Eveyone has their own baju raya! hmmph~

But when i got back to my hometown,


The syg syg syg brother of mine bought baju raya for me.
and of course la, i LOOK PRETTY.

( dah kata nak duit lebih, apa dia words of the day tadi, peminat? )


Lupa pulak, the boyfriend of mine di melbourne didn't come back for raya. Kesian dia.

"sorry bie, next raya we celebrate together okay? ill masak u kuzi ? ;) "

so here are the pictures of my raya celebration. ;)

the sygness (besties, friends and cousins)

and i have difficulties of uploading some of the pictures as the person in the picture scares the consequences if i upload the picture will affect his/her life. (sound like it's a big deal to him/her kan?) ouh well, tak apa lah.

but anyways, who cares. my dad taught me to respect others, so yes, that's what i do now. ;)