Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mumble Jumble

So, I am now sipping my second cup of  teh-o-suam, at 3.19 am. Doing nothing at home somehow gave me an impact to write more; more on expressing whatever I had in mind. And a friend of mine also encouraged me to continue writing, though there's nothing much to share. But yea, will try my best to keep on posting new topics. :)


Do you mumble a lot ? Have you encountered people who mumbled continuously ? Do you ever feel like chocking them with cactus inside their lung to shut them up ? Does it annoy you when people mumble ?

Well, I do.

A lady once asked me, "Fieda, you speak too fast, are you nervous?". And this happened during one of my job interviews. I was paralyzed at second and I immediately answered "Nope, I had so much to tell you, and I can't help myself but to speak fast so that I won't miss any point ?" Haha, epic failure. -.-" Well, I sometime speak too fast without realizing it and I tend to eat my words in a weird way.

But in general, lack of confidence will make most people mumble and speak in a "machine-gun" like chatter. Random topics will pop out, and 24 hours without drinking any water will NOT easily make them to shut up.

A friend of mine loves to mumble. It got me to one point where instead of asking him to repeat whatever he told me, I just nod and pretended I heard and when he smiled, I assumed it is my cue that he said something funny and I had to politely laugh. (Good move, ha)

Well people mumble because they are trying to deliver their message in a few words as possible and as quickly as they can, often in a mumbled manner. And people do mumble when they are nervous.

Though mumbling would lead to difficulties to succeed in business or social relationships, I somehow find people who mumble are cute. I am definitely not "angkat bakul sendiri" here, but it is cute to hear people mumble (well, sometimes)

And why the hell am I writing about "mumbling" again ?

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