Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You've got to be kidding me ?

Of course, all parents want the best for their kids. But in Kelantan, somehow the parents take things the other way around. They tend to plan among themselves, without discussing and planning further with the kids. For example, marriage.

Currently on my 10 days semester break, I've planned to spend more time with the family especially with my 2 years old niece, Evy. The fact that I am having fever now, I am not capable enough to entertain her with the so called "A-weem-ba-web-dance" and when she started to make the sad-cute faces, I JUST WANNA EAT HER ALIVE.

Mama on the other hand, was so excited to match me with her friend's son. -.-"
This is not the first time she did this. There were 4 families came to my house and were so excited to see me. Feel like being on top of KB Mall and shout "Am I that famous ? ! !" I just don't get the way they think.
I haven't crossed all the 'things-to-do' list and they expected me to get married ? Too soon, Ma. Plus, I am in a relationship, for godsake.

Parents tend to forget their kids are no longer "kids". They have set limits and rely on natural consequences for us to learn from making their own mistakes. And somehow they dictated how their kids should behave and do not expect the kids to disagree with their decisions. Yes, the want THE BEST for the kids, but when it involves the man who is going to marry the daughter, they should loosen up a bit.

Parents are firm, with kindness, warmth and love and somehow it's not wrong for them to set high standards and encourage their kids to be independent.

So, KAHWIN? You've got to be kidding me ? !

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