Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A brand new life

It has been a year. Yes, A YEAR.

Well, I always go back to blog whenever I feel lonely.
Corretion : Most of the time, I AM ALWAYS LONELY.

It's kinda weird to type all the sad feelings I have now in my so called dusty blog. But ya, I have no one and at least I have this medium to transfer all the thoughts I have in mind. Might reduce the stress level kot.

So, lots of major things had happened throughout the one year. The good and the bad. I am now in a different phase of life. Nomore struggling with exams and assignment and whining about boyfriends.
Well ya, I am living my life.

The life I have now is totally different. I have big commitments. To myself and family.
And it somehow forces me to think like a lady. An iron lady.
Yes, I admit I had fallen into a deep hole and somehow I kept pushing myself to climb up.
Not giving up is a remedy.

Working in Kerteh has taught me a lot; to handle grumpy and gatal technicians, to handle bad drivers on the road and etc. The politics among colleagues are also interesting. Everyone wants to be on top. And ya, few of them practiced the "Walk Around Look Important" value. It's so hard to tackle those people because they will never stop. Well, human beings, what more can I say. As far as I can stand on my own, I'm okay with it.

Apart from all the bad things, I am grateful to be where I am now. Alhamdulillah.

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kamal megat said...

congratulation and a very good moves ...be happy...u deserve it..